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Global Business Ethics Policy

Our Ethics Code:

We have developed a core set of values which are the base to the organization’s development & success. One of these values is Integrity, which means we can always been trusted to do the right thing and our ethics code below sets out how we expect all our employees to behave in order to live this core valve.

Being Safe and Secure:

  • Putting Health & Safety First
  • Carefully following company rules & procedures

Being Honest and Trustworthy:

  • Always following the law
  • Reporting any wrongdoing
  • Never offering or taking a bribe
  • Avoiding any conflict of interest

Being Fair and Considerate:

  • Showing respect and consideration for others
  • Treating people fairly
  • Thinking about environment

Being Professional and Proud:

  • Doing the best job you can
  • Looking Smart and Professional
  • Being a good role model
  • Safeguarding the dignity of company
  • Stay on commitments
  • In support of our code, the purpose of this business Ethics Policy is to ensure that Managers and Employees have a detailed understanding of our standards of operation and expectations of our customers/clients.
  • Our senior managers are therefore asked to show their personal commitment by regularly endorsing this policy and confirming compliance within their own areas of responsibility.
  • We are committed to these standards and routinely monitor compliance across the organization, taking necessary action in the unlikely event that they are not being met.
  • Adherence to Policy
  • We aim to maintain high ethical standards in carrying out its business activities, practices of any sort that are incompatible with the core principles and policies are not tolerated. Strict adherence to these principles and supporting policies is a condition of employment in the group. Any action by an employee, which deliberately or recklessly breaches this ethics policy, may result in disciplinary action and where appropriate, criminal proceedings will be instituted.

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